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My parched skin soaks up the moisture greedily, but still feels hydrated and perky the next morning.
Beheadings, couples copulating in phone boxes, grotesque disease - they are spread before us and we greedily feed on them.
Surely this misses the point, bankers acted greedily, recklessly and irresponsibly to say the least.
He would stroll down to our lakeside frontage and they would offer him their leftover toast which he snatched out of their hands greedily.
I greedily read a mailed ad that promised huge earnings for an oil-and-gas penny-stock company.
Four-times World Player of the Year Messi has scored four goals en route to the last four and after Brazil's exit Argentine will be greedily eyeing a possible clash with the Germans at the legendary Maracana stadium on Sunday.
ere are plenty of willing suppliers who greedily covet the illicit riches associated with feeding the lower level sales.
Both sexes will also greedily devour the young larvae, and it is probably this cannibalistic trait that prompts the female to lay her eggs singly, folded in leaves of waterplants, and the denser these are the better suited for her purpose, as the eggs are better hidden, and greater opportunities for escape are afforded to the newly-hatched larvae.
They are no different from the members of the ruling elite who exercise power without regard for public accountability, and greedily grab anything they can from government.
In the words of Sir John Templeton, "To buy when others are despondently selling and sell when others are greedily buying requires the greatest fortitude and pays the greatest reward.
Like theTrump debacle we greedily backed the money - and ended up with egg all over our face.
They greedily lunged and began to fight until the girl with the most powerful hands lifted my head and carried it away in her apron, her head held high.