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He said the plundering of national wealth and greediness of former rulers led the country to darkness.
If one thing can be agreed upon vis-a-vis visual pleasure in the dreadful postmortem, it is that we share a greediness for an efficacious hit of it, but it might have been better for our president to reference Purple Rain--that mournful and exhilarating Reagan-era multimedia masterpiece authored by an effeminate black genius--as a reminder that where fascism exists, antifascism does too.
The MP said Iran's stance prevented greediness of certain countries like Saudi Arabia and naturally, success of the Minister of Petroleum in oil and energy set as achievements of the Islamic Republic system.
The ambassador said that the militias' greediness was not satisfied with destroying the potentials and capabilities of the Yemeni people but dared to touch the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whereas the militias continued, since seizing power in Sanaa, to launch systematic attacks on the Saudi territories, killing civilians, displacing the population and destroying the properties.
But our will shall crush the greediness of the enemy," he said.
To conclude those benefits, let us say that fasting, standing (at night in prayer), remembrance of Allah The Almighty and reduction of food, drink and desire in Ramadan break the soul's voracity, greediness, wrongness and transgression.
Khartoum, May 30 (SUNA)- Chairman of the Pan-Arab Parliament, Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Jarwan, has appreciated, in his address Monday at the fifth sitting of the fourth session of the parliament, the efforts of Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar in supporting the less developing Afro-Arab countries, including Comoros, Djibouti and Somalia, for the sake of safeguarding their Arab identity and protecting them from greediness of some countries that aim to isolate them from their Arab region and affiliation.
SPECIAL SKILLS: Along with greediness and exhaustion, being nosey is a personality trait most cats share.
Anything less than that signals greediness and future funding difficulties.
In an article published in the Lebanese al-Binaa daily on Monday, Mikdad added the first alliance is bristled with arms, money and greediness but has no political values or ethics, while the other is of independent states which work according to the interests of their people,national values, ethics and interests of its peoples.
Like David, their greediness and grasping expose evil's banality.
In my 7 years as an anchorman and reporter at Juba radio, I had seen more than my share of the greediness excercised by the Jieeng-led defunct former High Executive Council.