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GILL. A measure of capacity, equal to one-fourth of a pint. Vide Measure.

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Yes, dogs can turn a little green around the gills, especially the pupsters.
Back in my teaching days I did once have to dash out of class to throw up (I think it was something I ate) but I returned to my post five minutes later, a little green around the gills, but determined to keep on educating.
But now the fish and chip shop is looking a little green around the gills.
BEST TAN AWARD Phil Brown, of course, although Hull's former Sunderland supporting manager looked a little green around the gills after his side were steam rolled by the Black Cats in the second half.
You have to be really green around the gills to be taken in.
Christian Nilsson and Alvaro Velasco, tied for second alongside Karlsson, are extremely green around the gills and likely to drop away.
Even that old sea dog Paul Tilsley, the deputy leader of Birmingham City Council, looked decidedly green around the gills.