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Our experience places us in a strong position to provide the kind of support needed by both emerging and established green tech companies, whether that's investment finance, working capital or project finance.
For inquiries regarding The Green Tech, please contact Rejean Quesnelle: regql01@gmail.
The technology is supposed to reach consumers in five to 10 years, and the blog Green Tech Media points out that similar home units from companies like ClearEdge Power in California are significantly costlier--$56,000 for a 5-kilowatt system.
Job creation through green tech is not only important to improving our economy but is essential to the future success of California and the entire country," Schwarzenegger said in a statement.
You can also expect plenty of green tech, including a CO2-busting "Efficient Dynamic System".
Atraverda's green tech credentials are cemented by the fact that Ebonex technology bi-polar batteries employ significantly less lead than conventional batteries, therefore delivering huge environmental and cost reduction benefits.
Obayashi's green tech is also evident in the HVAC (heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and cooling) systems.
Prior to joining Spark, Turpin spent seven and a half years at OutCast Communications, where clients included venture capital firms Foundation Capital and Khosla Ventures, tech innovators Metaweb Technologies and Zaplet, and green tech companies including Purfresh and Range Fuels.
These presentations were captured by the Green Tech Chicago blog, and videos and commentary are up in the “Posting About Composting” entry here:
By combining the technological advances necessary to produce clean energy and clean water, EAWC has positioned itself effectively to be the primary and comprehensive solution to both problems and to provide an exceptional array of green tech tools for mitigating water shortages and energy scarcity across the globe.
Manama, March 15 (BNA) -- The inaugural Bahrain Green Tech Expo (BGTE) at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre saw 101 participants -- with 17 of them being government organisations and universities.
Other major events booked for the first half of next year include Arabian Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing; Bahrain International Garden Show; International Autumn Fair; Gulf Industry, Food and Hospitality Exhibition; 10th Middle East Geosciences Conference and Exhibition; Bahrain 1st Green Tech Expo; 15th International Book Fair; Bahrain Information Technology Exhibition; the Second Expo Science Asia; and Health and Wellness Expo.