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Apple aphids, which look similar to greenfly but vary in colour, attack apples and pears.
They were imported into the USA in 1988 to curb greenfly but went wildly out of control.
Fortunately, flocks of shiny new ladybirds have been emerging from hibernation, scurrying around on the hunt for those very greenfly to eat.
The family fun day will follow at the Greenfly with bouncy castles, stalls, raffles, auctions, refreshment and entertainment throughout the day and evening.
Doesn't that cancel out all your efforts in the greenfly and mouse departments?
You can spot the door staff picking the greenfly off each other's vests, just like loving and dedicated gorilla mothers.
But the more beneficial insects you can attract to the garden, the better chance you have of keeping greenfly and other nasties at bay.
Severn Trent Water staff at Finham sewage works in St Martin's Road, Finham, Coventry, are encouraging gardeners to build ladybird living rooms to help control pests, such as greenfly, in an environmentally-friendly way.
For double benefit, why not grow some flowers that will attract and feed creatures such as hoverflies and lacewings that eat greenfly and other pests.
SKITTLES WHITCHURCH & DISTRICT SKITTLES DIVISION Premier League Greenfly Gringos 277, Pontyclun Rugby Club 273; Caerphilly Social Bees 292, Wolfs Castle Rogues 270; Ruperra Rovers 257, Rebels 283; Buffaloes 300, Black Knights 280; Jet Set 268, Llanharan Rugby Club 277; Spivs 326, Windsor B 298.
For example, ladybirds eat greenfly and other pests and hedgehogs forage at night for slugs and snails.
A sudden explosion in Britain's greenfly population is believed to have been caused by the rapid rise in temperatures after the coldest early May in 14 years.