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Encourage natural predators into your garden such as ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies, which can reduce greenfly numbers substantially.
Some 56 per cent of people interviewed claim to be plagued by slugs, while 48 per cent found cats a nuisance, 47 per cent had problems with greenfly and 21 per cent were bothered by foxes.
Within a short period of time, greenfly and blackfly can smother the stems of plants as they invade your garden, reproducing quickly.
The midge-sized parasite wasps prey on ladybirds - nature's defence against crop-wasters such as greenfly.
For example, ladybirds eat greenfly and other pests and hedgehogs forage at night for slugs and snails.
A sudden explosion in Britain's greenfly population is believed to have been caused by the rapid rise in temperatures after the coldest early May in 14 years.
We have now taken up the generous offer from the new owners of The Greenfly, who have given us the use of a first-class rehearsal room, kitchen and concert hall free of charge.
If your sweet peas no longer look as fresh and pretty as this, maybe the aphids have struck noticed this week my beautiful, fragrant sweet peas have been totally infested by greenfly, to such an extent that I can't pick them off by hand.
They are a major threat because they feed greedily on greenfly, leaving no food for other varieties - and when they run out of greenfly they feast on other ladybirds.
The West Lothian question is fast becoming the political equivalent of a plague of greenfly.
But the more beneficial insects you can attract to the garden, the better chance you have of keeping greenfly and other nasties at bay.
Severn Trent Water staff at Finham sewage works in St Martin's Road, Finham, Coventry, are encouraging gardeners to build ladybird living rooms to help control pests, such as greenfly, in an environmentally-friendly way.