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As an old man I looked for greengages every year during the month of August.
Diwedd y stori oedd i mi gymysgu'r Classic Cream efo joch o Greengage, a chael gwawr ysgafn o wyrdd oedd yn bosib byw ag o.
Line the base of the cake tin with the halved greengages, arranging them cut-side down and carefully pour in the batter.
GreengAge will provide volunteering opportunities for older people to work with their peers to help them participate in horticultural activities, such as growing fruit, vegetables or plants in their own homes, gardens or allotments.
There are many types of plums, ranging from the English greengage through to the tiny yellow Mirabelles that are popular in France.
At Lingfield, the David Chapman-trained Mukarrab looks to have a fine chance in the Greengage Handicap (3.
99 at Aldi Here, Sicily's grillo grape - stalwart of Marsala fortified wine - teams up with chardonnay to provide pithy, textured and nutty white table wine with melon, greengage and apple fruit, lively acidity and balancing hints of sweeter spices.
A long gravelled drive leads through an orchard stocked with apple, plum, greengage and cherry trees to a parking area with access to the double garage.
A Nectarine B Apricot C Greengage D Damson QUESTION 2 - for 2 points: What was the name of the performing dog which won Britain's Got Talent in 2012?
He unrolled his bundle again and carefully wrapped jars of honey and greengage jam in his best breeches, with bread and a piece of salted pork, cramming cake into his mouth.
The v a r i e t y, c all e d sbergia in Italian, has an unusual skin and resembles an oversized greengage plum.
I paid thirty pounds for the course, and came away with three grafted trees of my choice, an apple called Howgate wonder, a cooking pear that stores long into the winter, a great idea, and an old-fashioned Greengage.