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GreengAge will provide volunteering opportunities for older people to work with their peers to help them participate in horticultural activities, such as growing fruit, vegetables or plants in their own homes, gardens or allotments.
Village life is precious, whether it be watching the archery competition at Great Rissington, pottering round ancient Ablington or just putting a couple of quid in a roadside honesty box for the most exquisite greengage, apricot and elderflower jam from Baulking.
The v a r i e t y, c all e d sbergia in Italian, has an unusual skin and resembles an oversized greengage plum.
Relax among the greengage trees on Tzaneria Beach, four miles from Skiathos Town.
uk) which is ripe and creamy with rich aromas of almonds and greengage, and the lime acidity gives good balance.
Berny Goodheart, chief technical officer for Secure Electrans, who have been using the Energy Innovation Centre at EA Technology to develop their Greengage Energy Manager Inside the innovation centre at EA Technology headquarters More meeting facilities at the innovation centre EA Technology has been at the cutting edge of innovation in the power and energy market for 40 years.
Richards never trained a Classic winner, although he and Breasley enjoyed plenty of success with champion miler Reform (1967 St James's Palace, Sussex, Queen Elizabeth II and Champion Stakes), Court Harwell, London Cry, Induna, Firestreak, Greengage and Dart Board.
I did three - Tunes Of Glory, Freud and Greengage Summer - and then I thought I must do some theatre or I'll lose my nerve.
The Nispero, described as varying in size between a small kiwi and large greengage, has smooth, pale to golden yellow, easy-to-peel skin, and a juicy delicate flavour.
Just a few weeks ago the wind brought a greengage tree down, and that in turn brought down a pear tree.
STAR BUY Impressively, it combines aromatic greengage and apple fruit with zippy lime-centred acidity, yet still manages to finish with suggestions of savoury spice and an edge of minerality.