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6]): common uses--in electrical-equipment insulation, aluminum production, manufacture of computer chips and other semiconductors; ranked the most-destructive of greenhouse gases
The auditing standards board (ASB) issues Statement of Position 03-2, Attest Engagements on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Information (see Official Releases, JofA, Nov.
has a responsibility to cut our greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide, methane, ozone and nitrous oxide) production and provide world leadership on this important environmental concern.
The failure of a greenhouse cooperative--a project that was supposed to lift the hamlet out of poverty and was financed in part by former villagers now living near San Diego, California--has divided those who stayed behind.
Now, eight years later, Rosemary continues to work diligently in the greenhouse every day, nurturing more than 150 orchids and a variety of other lush tropical plants in a manner that's almost the way nature intended.
The Kyoto Protocol is opening up a new world of opportunities for a Timmins-based biotechnology company with a "proven" process to clean filthy air by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
A new computer model indicates that soot--blackened, unburned carbon--is a major factor in global warming due to the greenhouse effect, a fact that traditional global warming models have failed to take into account.
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Has Become a Seller's Market
A summary of this research, including examples and contact points, can be found in Solutions for Greenhouse, on the web at www.
Last, and by no means least, they wrote to the President that industries that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions prior to passage of the Kyoto Protocol should be given credit for those reductions if and when the Protocol, or other emissions reduction mandates, pass.
Last year, two seventh-graders from Montgomery School in Atlanta selected the greenhouse effect as their science project and came up with an award-winning report that lays out the issue with a thoroughness that would do a professional reporter proud.