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HRQOL issues have been studied extensively in older adult populations and with increasing frequency in younger populations, but generally in the context of the impact of chronic disease on quality of life (Chiou, Jang, Liao, & Yang, 2010; Kunz, Hommel, & Greenly, 2010; Lindman, Lewis, Accortt, & Wiatrak, 2005).
This is a great opportunity to modernise our energy supply and in doing so ensuring we continue to operate as cleanly and greenly as possible.
Greenly is a freelance writer and editor as well as writing instructor from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who decided to write this biography because he was looking for subject matter relating to the Southwest.
14) The problem is that whatever I consume greenly or ungreenly constitutes a bite out of the earth's resources.
Speaking after the hearing, HSE inspector Matt Greenly said: "We understand it can be difficult to find things to keep children occupied during the school holidays but taking them into potentially dangerous workplaces isn''t the answer.
3] pre-treatment are all shelly Calcarosols (Foul Bay, Greenly, Streaky Bay, and Sturt Bay).
in October--windfalls thick in the grass, a glory inhabiting each of a thousand maples--a feeble grubbing at late weeds uncovered three stubborn leaf-rosettes, greenly holding on.
38%) and the other major components (>4%) identified were ([beta]-pinene, p-cymene, camphor and greenly acetate.
Earl & Greenly, all available at House of Fraser Fair Trade dinner cracker EUR12.
Recovery values hope, healing, community, and empowerment (Jacobson & Greenly, 2001).
The car, which was originally owned by E H Greenly, of Herefordshire, in 1905, has a top speed of 29mph, still sports the original registration plate CJ 164 and is still in mint condition.
David Greenly, 36, of Brackla, Bridgend, is due to stand trial at the court next month for the alleged offences on three consecutive days in February.