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'Well, nephew,' he greeted me, 'do you feel as though you were seeing a ghost, or suffering from the effects of too many of Uncle Ben's juleps?'
And now they came in sight of the Emerald City, and the people flocked out to greet their lovely ruler.
With a wooden stick she tapped upon the bronze disc, lightly, and presently the summons was answered by a slave girl, who entered, smiling, to be greeted similarly by her mistress.
As we approached this magnificent pile we were met by a party of officers who greeted us warmly and requested that Tars Tarkas and his jeds with the jeddaks and jeds of his wild allies, together with myself, dismount and accompany them to receive from Tardos Mors an expression of his gratitude for our services.
Tardos Mors then greeted each of the green jeddaks and jeds, and to each spoke words of friendship and appreciation
Polychrome leaped out lightly after them, and they were greeted by a crowd of gorgeously dressed servants who bowed low as the visitors mounted the marble steps.
"Then greeted he every one of the men, the bold helm bearer greeted his dear comrades for the last time.
Having cell phone with internet and laptop to greet my friends and relatives on Eid has been a real convenience for me and it is quicker as well," said a citizen Nabeel resident of G-6.
Summary: What to say, when's the right time to greet and how to greet?
A private meet and greet with the stars along with a special movie premiere will be hosted on August 9 at Reel Cinemas-The Dubai Mall and Al Ghurair Centre.
Shopee apologizes for alleged #ShopeeScam at BLACKPINK meet and greet in Manila !-- -- MANILA, Philippines Shopee has released a statement regarding Twitter users' allegation that the online shopping portal has scammed them using a meet and greet session the website organized in Manila on Thursday for fans of Korean pop group BLACKPINK.
Another social media user , said, the day before Eid, my friends also made posts to greet me and others