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So how is it that Islam does not allow everyone to greet mankind with peace?
If anyone says to you 'may death be upon you' then you would not greet them with 'peace be with you'.
Sgt Tim Donovan, who heads the Greets Green neighbourhood team, said: "We are extremely pleased with the terms of the dispersal order.
However, most tourists ambling along the boulevard said they appreciated having someone to greet them and offer them a map of the district.
com, users can purchase the Greets-branded prepaid calling cards along with Birthday Greets and Valentine's Day Greets.
A key IBM strength is its ability to deliver all of the hardware, software, consulting and services a startup like Greets needs to offer cutting-edge products on what we believe is the industry's most scalable, secure and reliable UNIX platform.
Having someone at this door to greet your visitors makes your Web site a friendlier, more human place.
2, 1997--Novita Communications Tuesday announced that users of Novita Mail, the company's new Java-based multimedia e-mail software, can send a selection of free E-greetings Pix digital postcards from Greet Street to family, friends and colleagues.
Greet Street, a leading developer of Dynamic Messaging E-mail products and services for online consumers and businesses, today announced that it has launched its E-greetings(R) Pix(TM) digital postcard store at www.
Greet Street, a leading developer of Dynamic Messaging products and services for online consumers and businesses, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Netscape Communications Corporation to help demonstrate the creative messaging power of Dynamic HTML E-mail, a new feature available in the latest release of Netscape Communicator.
Greet Street is the first company to develop and visually extend Dilbert's unique sense of humor into the world of E-mail products.