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Eventually they grew apart, due in no small degree to the silver wigged one's penchant for publicity and partying.
A friend said last night: "They simply grew apart in their marriage and after much discussion decided to part.
fo For the first two we had a great relationship but the last few months weren't as good as he lost his job, went abroad to work and we grew apart.
They just grew apart, but are remaining friends," the source added.
The girls grew apart when Duffy decided to live with her dad.
The way we were grieving was very different from one another and we grew apart for a little bit but slowly we came back together.
Bjorn says they simply grew apart, adding: "We got married quite young and, after 10 years, you find out you're different and you grow apart.
Carol, who has just left ITN after 25 years to concentrate on a series of political programmes for ITV, said: "We just grew apart.