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CASTING CREW: Mario Sandrini, above, played by Antonio Magro and below, Steven Waddington as Charles Lightoller FLIRTING WITH DANGER: Georgiana Grex played by Perdita Weeks and Countess of Manton played by Geraldine Somerville.
There were many more in the grex but we would run out of space
Atlanta Braves ace Grex Maddux, baseball's poster boy for command, walked 45 in 199 innings last season.
Again and again, this was the job of the camp-following of humanist poets - grex poetarum, in Bernard Andre's phrase (36) -- associated with the Tudor king: by its verse-making, lend a weight of cultural sanction to Tudor militarism, be it in the form of local police actions or international adventures.
Genmark's most popular robotic product models such as GB4/S/P, GB7, GB8, and GRex, are included in the expanded product Refurbishment Program.
Lone District, Baguio City), Cheryl Deloso_Montalla (2nd District, Zambales), Evelina Escudero (1st District, Sorsogon) , Gwendolyn Garcia (3rd District, Cebu), Edcel Grex Lagman (1st District, Albay), Edgardo Masongsong (Party List, 1 CARE), Pablo Nava III (Party List, APPEND), Marie Anne Pernes (Lone District, Siquijor), Eric Singson (2nd District, Ilocos Sur), Estrellita Suansing (1st District, Nueva Ecija), Jose Tejada (3rd District, North Cotabato), Pryde Henry Teves (3rd District, Negros Oriental), Randolph Ting(3rd District, Cagayan), Antonio Tinio (Party List, ACT TEACHERS) and Susan Yap (2nd District, Tarlac).
Inc 4053 GreCon, Inc 4358 GREX Power Tools 4857 GRK Fasteners 4164 Grupo Alvic/Lioher Enterprise 4633 Guangdong Saca Precision Mfg.
Other helmet and clothing brands available at the store include Acerbis, Alpinestars, Bike it, Bell, Nolan, O'Neal, Roof, Grex, and in house brand: Burn Out Italy.
Her feisty character Lady Georgiana Grex is a suffragette whose stubborn refusal to conform to the massive social divides of the time is a running theme throughout the series.
112 million for the construction of service roads on both sides of Mauripur Road from Gate-1 to beyond the truck stand up to Grex Village which will play a positive role in easing the traffic congestion there during day time which is much needed for timely shipment.
Page 32 of the last Journal 58(1): 2008 highlights the problem caused by the Show rules continuing to allow grex formula for Show plants even though this was outlawed some 20 years ago when the BSI applied to become an ICRA (International Cultivar Registration Authority) and therefore abide by the ICNCP rules.
grex agit in scaena mimum: pater ille vocatur, / filius hic, nomen divitis ille tenet.