grievous harm

See: calamity
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This concerted campaign against the regime's critics does grievous harm to the country's image.
She said the Day will also create opportunities to pay homage to the thousands of survivors of sexual violence including women, girls, men and boys, who, despite the grievous harm suffered, have shown extreme determination, resolve and unflinching courage to speak out against this scourge.
The 49-year-old actor was also given separate terms for negligent driving and causing grievous harm to the victims, but all the sentences will run concurrently, defence lawyers said.
A 1979 colloquy between the late Senators Heinz and Ribicoff made abundantly clear that it would be perverse to insist that an American company experience grievous harm before becoming entitled to the full protection of its nation's laws.
Here is how great the Affordable Care Act is doing: The Supreme Court is about to hear a challenge to the law, filed on behalf of four Virginia plaintiffs, who claim to have suffered grievous harm by being forced to either buy health coverage or pay a penalty.
Devin Bartholomew is also accused of two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous harm against Jones' uncle Glenford Sobers, a 72-year-old amputee, and another cousin Jamal Sobers.
Default cannot be allowed to lapse into a permanent condition or the Republic of Argentina and the bondholders, both exchange and holdouts, will suffer increasingly grievous harm, and the ordinary Argentine citizen will be the real and ultimate victim.
Sad nights spent eating dry chicken and over-cooked vegetables drenched in salty gravy have done grievous harm to my taste buds.
Derek Creswell, 21, appeared at Derry Magistrate's Court charged with hijacking a car, causing grievous harm with intent to the 76-year-old car owner and possession of an offensive weapon.
Alla said that some of the very same countries that shed crocodile tears over Syrians are directly contributing to supporting terrorist groups that are responsible for the emerging humanitarian issues in the first place, with the US, Britain and France giving excuses for doing this under humanitarian pretenses by claiming to give terrorists "non-lethal" aid or "life-saving" aid while actually providing aid of military nature, all of which violates international laws that prohibit humanitarian aid from containing weapons or any supplies that can be used to cause grievous harm or death.
Although Philby had passed a massive amount of key security information to our enemies, caused grievous harm to our relationship with the American security services and ruined a number of major operations, the fact remained that he was "one of us".
The order will aggravate the misery of those who have lost their limbs or eyesight or sustained any other grievous harm in the service of the nation.