grievous price

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He said: "It is future generations who will pay the most grievous price if our generation does not halt climate change.
Douglas Carswell is an honourable man; but his erstwhile party leader, into whose back he plunged his dagger, may pay a grievous price. Carswell's bid to quit Europe may deliver UKIP's first MP - but in gaining an English seat they may have lost the Scottish nation.
The Italians have already paid a grievous price for their support of the war in Iraq.
The only victims were the bereaved relatives or the families of the maimed - innocents who paid the most grievous price in the loss of a loved one or the crippling of a life.
Perhaps nowhere in the country did one small community pay a more grievous price in this regard than the neighborhood surrounding Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in South Chicago, Illinois.
While the loss of 16 lives in the region was a grievous price to pay, the death toll was much smaller than had been predicted in some quarters.