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I reminded her that a doctor's confidence was sacred, but that you were grievously anxious about her.
But we were not captured by fair means; and before we had time to draw our swords, two of our party were dead, and Athos, grievously wounded, was very little better.
My mother was grievously ill, and of means of subsistence we had none.
Howsoever that may be, you are grievously to be pitied; in which opinion I am not only joined by Mrs.
Methinks he must have been grievously tempted to affix the other end of the rope to some convenient beam or bough.
Accordingly, they went along in quest of Phoebus, both of them sighing grievously, and Hecate, to say the truth, making a great deal worse lamentation than Ceres; for all the pleasure she had, you know, lay in being miserable, and therefore she made the most of it.
Instead of retracing their steps through the mountains, they passed round their southern extremity, and, crossing a range of low hills, found themselves in the sandy plains south of Ogden's River; in traversing which, they again suffered, grievously, for want of water.
He found himself grievously battered, and lying in the bottom of a boat.
It is her own perversity, ‘Duke,” cried the disappointed sheriff, who felt the loss of the first salutation as grievously as many a man would a much greater misfortune; “and I must say that she comes honestly by it.
He was not cast in the stern poetical mold of fashionable Indian heroism, but on the contrary, was grievously given to vulgar jocularity.
The only people to suffer will be the Board of Control, which is grievously overworked already.
Am I not- am I not sorely- grievously tempted To take thee at thy word?