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E): was mardom anastawan bud an astawan bud ud was an bud ke kes i dewan dast u-s az man kerd an kes i dewan hist ud kes i yazdan grift "there were many people who were not astawan, (but) they (are now) astawan; and there was one who held the kes (= beliefs, teaching) in the evil gods, but by my doing he left (hil-) that kes of the evil gods and seized (gir-) the kes of the (good) gods" (see, e.
The second visit took place after 1-3 days, when track recognition and counting, as well as sand raking was repeated (van der Grift & van der Ree 2015).
van der Ree R, van der Grift EA, Mata C and Suarez F (2007) Overcoming the barrier effect of roads--how effective are mitigation strategies?
In order to pull off the grift, Deane must recruit PJ Puznowski (Cameron Diaz), a Texan chicken-plucker and part-time rodeo star whose grandfather had a possible connection to the painting's last known whereabouts.
Actually, I did--and now's about the time I 'fess to it: I've long enabled what we politely called "subsidy publishing" back in '99, when I started flogging the grift that is vanity.
Haluschak P, Eilers RG, Mills GF, Grift S (1998) Status of selected trace elements in agricultural soils of southern Manitoba.
But the truth is, we don't want to remove the swindle and the grift, we just want to find some way to get the American public to pay for their own shakedown.
The warships, the USS Germantown, the USS Van de Grift and the USCGS Waeshe, left from Surabaya's Tanjung Perak harbor Sunday morning, the Jakarta globe said.
After 20 years in the 'big house', Foley (Samuel L Jackson) wants nothing more than to go straight, but his former colleague's son (Luke Kirby) has other ideas and blackmails him into a $8million con, or grift.
First-half goals from Sam Valentine (2) and Dom Kelly were followed by a second-half fightback from Woolton with goals from James Grift and Michael Thomas taking it to the wire but Mossley held out to record the all-important victory.
One reason is that the concentration of tannins, which prevent decay, varies among species (for a laboratory investigation of tannins in leaves see Traw & Grift, 2010).
Ce recours a ces deux types d'acteurs permet tout a la fois d'obtenir des informations complementaires et de relativiser l'evaluation effectuee par chaque type de repondants (Hallinger & Murphy, 1985; Van de Grift & Houtveen, 1999).