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Less affluent West Germans might see their Eastern cousins as a threat to their pay envelopes, or as grifting rubes who expected the state to provide for them, but there was nothing in working-class pubs like the animus that could be found in the cafes of fashionable Charlottenburg.
Although she thinks Roy isn't strong enough for even the lowest level of grifting, she herself has gotten a little too ambitious.
The drip, drip, drip of grifting from Trumps appointees is corroding our Democracy by undermining faith in our institutions.
Hustle (BBC1, 9pm) Tonight the hustlers are mourning the death of an old grifting pal, but it is revealed that their old acquaintance has faked his own death because he is in financial trouble.
King Con has been conned and grifting laws state that if a grifter is ripped off, he is guaranteed a run of bad luck.
HUSTLE BBC One Wales, 9pm According to the age-old laws of grifting, when a grifter is conned, he (or she) is guaranteed a run of bad luck.
All of this legalized grifting was predictable--and was, in fact, officially predicted.
As they turn from hitching to grifting, via Agra to Mumbai, it's always made clear this is just a temporary alliance, not a career move.