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The biggest trend we are seeing now is consumers wanting the complete outdoor kitchen as opposed to just a grill for their backyard," said Matthew Hicks, assistant product manager for Viking Range Corp.
Purviance, a fan of grilling fish, says that firm, thicker fish - such as salmon, swordfish, tuna and grouper - are easiest to grill.
Grilling is clearly here to stay, in part because food from the grill is no longer associated with your dad's burned hamburgers.
I get everybody up in the morning and, with my suit and tie on, grill fish, chicken and eggs (on a griddle on the side) and never get grease on my clothes or the smell of the food,'' he says.
Indeed, even though summer is the peak season for barbecuing, the other three seasons are responsible for the growth in grill usage.
Now that its title has lengthened to Mon Sushi & Grill, it offers a wealth of Asian-inspired small, medium and full entree-size dishes, yet hasn't really changed much in looks from its Zen days.
The grill and tools will be sold both separately and as a package.
GAS GRILL METHOD: Brush grill rack with oil and preheat grill to medium-high.