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Oscar Wilde was probably Cafe Royal's most famous patron -- he famously hallucinated on absinthe in the Grill Room, The Beatles dined at Cafe Royal and David Bowie threw Ziggy Stardust a 'retirement dinner' here.
India Grill Room serves a page-long table d'hote menu that lists soups, appetiser and mains, and promises to be a welcome deflection from the regular sheekhs and curries.
By also rethinking the traditional buffet arrangement and serving most of the food in the club's main ballroom Pettey opened the grill room as a cozy tent-like space that provided a perfect foil for the energy around the stage and dance floor.
The formal dining room offers elegant fare and a casual grill room has a full bar, light meals and snacks.
o This week I came off the grill section in The Grill room and moved to the hors d'oeuvre section where some of the food I will be preparing includes pates foie-gras, oysters, Beluga caviar and dressed crab.
Following Commander's Palace in popularity were Galatoire's, Bayona, Brigsten's and the Grill Room.
At Musselburgh, Batoutoftheblue has a sound chance in the Sheraton Grand Grill Room Handicap (7.
Part of the acquisition plan includes an expansion of the clubhouse to include a new grill room and banquet room, to be financed by SunWest Bank and completed in late 2011.
Restaurants: Swiss Caf Restaurant & Lounge, Grill room, Mediterranean restaurant
Byline: GaryRalston Move Stirling your Grill Room all over with decor, and a little Scotland's cherishes dining English has like a Room at glittering, showbiz slowly a place than its abbeys.
Both the hotels will have a Swiss Cafe- Restaurant & Lounge, a Grill Room, a Moods Shisha Lounge, Eventives for meetings & events, an Inspirations Gym & Pool and the Swiss Select Lounge for frequent travellers.