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Deli, a leading fast casual restaurant, announced today the return of two popular seasonal menu items, the Turkey Cranberry Griller and Turkey Cranberry Salad.
com/grilling as Nation's Best Men & Women Grillers Challenged to Put Tongs to the Test in Second Annual PAM for Grilling $10,000 National Grilling Contest
grillers teach themselves, but one-third also learn from their fathers (34 percent) and 15 percent from a spouse.
This enthusiasm for grilling by both sexes was clearly evident in the response to the PAM-azing Grillers contest call-for-entries.
al fresco's new line of Gourmet Chicken Grillers is now available in the freezer case at major grocery stores nationwide.
Ultimately," said Joyner, "this will give us a great opportunity to learn more from the experts and pass along to Americans the tools, tips and trade secrets that can make everyone a great griller.
These dedicated cooks come to the grill with their sleeves rolled up and the ingredients for success; good old-fashioned friendly competition, community pride, the desire to be honored as the best griller in their community and a chance to win the grand prize--a $500 grill.
Add the 10-year warranty and it's easy to see why this is the favourite among seasoned grillers.
Rather, a careful griller uses sauce to enhance the taste of the meat and the experience of cooking over a flame.
The beauty of the recordings is as much in the playing of the Griller String Quartet as in the obvious charms, emotions, verve, and diversity of Haydn's compositions themselves.
Franchisee David Kessler remarked that just getting corporate approval to test market the Griller "was like turning the Queen Mary around in a bathtub," and he was ordered to remove the burger from the menu after the tests concluded in December 1993.