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For the serious griller, a FireBoard Extreme BBQ Edition is available that can support up to six grilling probes for a variety of different meats cooking simultaneously.
Suitable for gas and charcoal barbecues, you'll have all the essentials you need - and certainly look the part of master griller.
PORTABLE GRILLER - Son of Hibachi (pounds 69, from www.
From Pistachio Quesadillas to Marinated Roasted Pepper, Spinach-Feta-Pizza, Wok-Grilled Vegetable Lo Mein, Tandoori-Style Vegetable Kabobs and much more, The New Vegetarian Grill proves that grillers don't have to be carnivores
To go along with his "lean mean grilling machines" he has now introduced the Lean Mean Grillers to his range.
The benefits of the addition of the George Foreman's Lean Mean Grillers brand would be seen this barbecue season, he predicted.
NORTHERN Foods has announced a new licensing agreement with George Foreman that will see the company launch a range of nine innovative frozen chicken, meat and fish products under the name George Foreman Lean Mean Grillers.
The prizes consisted of electrical appliances from internationally prominent brands, and included TVs, fridges, stoves, grillers, fryers and microwaves.
At Bull's-Eye, we know that serious grillers get serious respect," says Brendan Honan, senior brand manager.
The survey also revealed a third of grillers admitted undercooking or overcooking grilled foods -- and nearly half decide when to remove the food from the grill by cutting into it, a major no-no, as juices and flavor escape.
An index rounds out this highly recommended cookbook for grillers of all skill and experience levels.