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Then you can feed her personality with SauceSations or Grillers - and save by downloading a coupon
What separates the master grillers from the masses is knowing how the fire can flavor the food and knowing the kind of heat that is right for fish, vegetables and meat,'' says Jamie Purviance, chef and author of the ``Weber's Real Grilling'' cookbook.
The study also found that the number of women grillers in the United States has grown dramatically, up 20 percent in the past three years.
Charcoal briquets take 25-30 minutes from lighting until they are ready to cook, but most backyard grillers don't wait that long.
Known as Ore-Ida Grillers, these thick-cut potato rounds go from frozen to grilled in just 15 minutes and complement any cookout meal.
That means more calories (190) than you'd get in, say, a MorningStar Farms Grillers Original (with 1 30 calories and 15 grams of protein).
Weber's Way to Grill is a "must-have" for anyone new to grilling, and even veteran grillers are sure to acquire new, useful and delicious ideas
GEORGE Foreman has launched a brand new range of frozen food, George Foreman's Lean Mean Grillers, which are delicious when cooked on his Grilling Machine, in the oven or on the BBQ
The line of nine innovative frozen fish, chicken and meat products is called George Foreman's Lean Mean Grillers, and features meals such as Lemon & Cracked Black Pepper Salmon and Southern Style Chicken.
Charcoal grillers feel there's nothing like the taste and smell of grilling over hot coals.
Author William Brohaugh was one of the judges, holding over fifteen years' experience on the barbecue circuit: his GRILL OF VICTORY explores the methods, materials, and ideas of pro grillers, offers insights on specific personalities' approaches, and provides a host of secret tips on great barbecue.