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After reading the article, Korenstein demanded a moratorium on the grille installation, and the school board called for an interior safety latch and one breakaway window grille in any portable classroom with only one door.
Of the district's 4,460 portable classrooms, about 1,700 have only one door and will require a breakaway grille, Krum said.
Inspectors plan to continue normal inspection schedules across the district, rather than try to tackle the grille problem in one swoop.
PHOTO A latch inside a security grille can be used to escape out a window.
Meanwhile, school officials acknowledged on Tuesday that contractors had been mounting window security grilles on campuses that were later to receive air conditioning, requiring the removal of some of the screens.
There's some instances where the security grilles are being removed to install window-hung air conditioning units,'' Nasarenko said.
In most cases, the grilles are being affixed to exterior window frames without latches.
The Daily News disclosed Saturday that the grilles were being installed after complaints from principals, teachers and students that the grilles would block window exits in the event of a fire, turning classrooms into death traps.
At Chatsworth High School, administrators had the grilles removed last week from eight portable classrooms in response to such concerns.
District spokesman Eric Nasarenko said the security grilles are necessary given the limited funds schools have to replace lost, stolen or damaged equipment.
As we bring more computer hardware into classrooms, we need to take steps to protect that hardware, and one way to do that is through security grilles.
The grilles in most cases are being affixed - without latches - to exterior window frames because district administrators fear students or others might undo them, leaving them open to burglars and vandals.