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Gas and electric grills are more convenient, but cooking over charcoal imparts a smoky flavor to the food and is favored by more serious grilling enthusiasts.
There is a panel on top showing approximate grilling times for different foods, from skewers and chicken drumsticks, to steak, fish and vegetables, which is very useful for first-time indoor grill users.
Compact and easy to assemble, the X-Grill provides a grilling surface of 203.
grill owners fire up their 'cues at least once a week during traditional summer grilling season, and 59 percent of them keep them hot year-round.
None of these recipes sounded remotely appetizing enough to attempt, so I decided instead that nay long-term enjoyment of grilling would be better served by ridding myself of the troublesome raccoon, who now appeared every evening at twilight to carry out his own vision of landscape gardening right across most of the flower beds.
Getting the inside information on which fuels consumers are using gives a clue to their grilling styles.
What are important are the temperature the meat is heated to, the grilling time, and the fat content of the meat.
Before grilling or broiling, pre-cook meat or poultry in the microwave for two to five minutes and throw away the juice.
Char-Broil is one grill maker targeting a wide range of grilling gear.
These days, grilling is a lot more than tossing a few steaks on the old barbecue.