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Labyrinthine passages connect these caves with the luxurious palaces of the Holy Therns, and through them pass upon their many duties the lesser therns, and hordes of slaves, and prisoners, and fierce beasts; the grim inhabitants of this sunless world.
Since earliest childhood he had been a searcher after fun, much to the sorrow of his fellow-apes, and now he saw the humor of the frightened panic of the apes and the baffled rage of Numa even in this grim jungle adventure which had robbed Mamka of life, and jeopardized that of many members of the tribe.
But Tarzan went abroad alone, for Tarzan was a man-thing and sought amusement and adventure and such humor as the grim and terrible jungle offers to those who know it and do not fear it--a weird humor shot with blazing eyes and dappled with the crimson of lifeblood.
He had always been a joker, the only joker in the grim and terrible company; but now as he lay there half dead from his hurts, he almost swore a solemn oath forever to forego practical joking--almost; but not quite.
I went on through the house from room to room, but they were all empty, and everything was so grim and mysterious.
The door of the jail being flung open from within there appeared, in the first place, like a black shadow emerging into sunshine, the grim and gristly presence of the town-beadle, with a sword by his side, and his staff of office in his hand.
If you want to witness something truly frightening this Halloween night, then get yourself acquainted with Grim Barsman's deadly, uncompromising rhymes.
Grim, real name Brian Donnelly, is one of the acts taking in part in Bleedin' Deadly - billed as Ireland's freakiest Halloween event - as part of the Bram Stoker Festival.
That would also make American religion larger than the global revenues of the top 10 tech companies, including Apple, Amazon and Google," Brian Grim continued.
In the absence of Dimitri Payet last week, West Ham turned in one grim victory against Bournemouth and one double-grim Europa exit.
The Grim Sleeper murder cases came under fire for the lack of interest because of the women's race, socioeconomic background and occupation.
The Grim Reaper was conceived from ancient human history.