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This Frank Grimshaw special, above left, was grimier in the Sixties than it is today, (below), but none of its essential character has been compromised.
But a report from undercover hotel inspectors just published reveals a grimier reality beneath the surface of the British hospitality industry.
As Cam'ron's cohorts, the group had a much grimier glow than Mase's disarmingly bright smile.
Mr Gill believes Liverpool's attempts to become a "world city" means it now competes with spotlessly clean rivals from abroad, rather than its grimier near-neighbours like Manchester.
Perhaps the canals were a bit grimier, the high-rise buildings taller.
a world busier, faster, shriller, grimier, more demotic, and more
I've never been grimier or hotter--or had as much fun as those two days on the Eisenhower.
The glamorous side, which boasts some of the country's biggest and most innovative dairy brands; and the somewhat grimier side, the bit that sees the company dragged regularly into catfights with dairy farmers over milk prices.
But Schaeffer, whose indie films have been self-indulgent wish-fulfillments - he usually casts himself as the perfect if awfully seedy guy for some beauty - comes across as a grimier, less charming version of the self-loathing, megalomaniacal characters Albert Brooks or Garry Shandling play.
He even finds time to prove his ego is every bit as big as his arse and, by the looks of it, growing at exactly the same rate, with an example of self-love grimier than anything even Mr Kwanertoo of Elstree has managed: "At least they've had the sense to call me in to help.
He continues, "We have seen the way communities spiral downwards once windows are broken and not fixed, streets get grimier and dirtier, youths hang around street corners intimidating the elderly .