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As an artist, my wordplay has got better and the music grimier.
N) The New York of Last Exit to Brooklyn is much meaner and grimier than the New York of Annie Hall
As the stadium darkened, Pandemonium - evoking Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost - emerged, with giant smoking chimneys rising from the ground and the scene becoming grimier.
The ensemble nature of the piece means that neither Gooding Jr nor Terrence Howard are able to command the screen like a Denzel Washington or Forest Whitaker in their prime and CSI director Anthony Hemmingway isn't too concerned with showing the grimier side of war on the big screen, either.
The smartness of the trucks and drivers have taken the industry a long way from the slightly grubbier and grimier territory prides it once occupied.
The cast on his arm is getting grimier with each passing day.
Soon the buyer has a pair of jeans that are significantly softer and yes, grimier.
Two Yamuna Action plans have seen Rs 1,500 crore being spent for the purpose, but the enormous growth in population and the lack of accountability in the utilisation of funds mean the river is grimier than before.
This Frank Grimshaw special, above left, was grimier in the Sixties than it is today, (below), but none of its essential character has been compromised.
But a report from undercover hotel inspectors just published reveals a grimier reality beneath the surface of the British hospitality industry.
As Cam'ron's cohorts, the group had a much grimier glow than Mase's disarmingly bright smile.