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A narrative writer for the Virginian-Pilot, Wagner set out to fmd the grimiest, smokiest bar in Norfolk and, like an anthropologist studying some remote species in a far-off land, to capture the last-holdout feel of the place:
That is not the case in Africa, the continent which as far as book production and consumption is concerned presents the grimiest picture (Biniakunu: 1980, Cited in Biniakunu 1991:105).
We accessed inspection reports for some of the grimiest eateries going and found problems like beetle infestations and out-of-date produce at restaurants and takeaways across Newcastle.
Some shelters have the dirtiest, grimiest gear stacked right next to--or on--delicate equipment.
Best though is Bring Me Down which has Brandy letting rip over some punishing beats which proves that West can tough it out with the grimiest of the underground.
So-called street literature is now enjoying major mainstream success with many of the major publishing houses doling out six-figure deals to the writers who can tell the grimiest tale.
Mona Lisa may be the world's grimiest image, but nobody dares wipe the thing down.
In Bombay, a city of sixteen million, we were stuck in one of the grimiest, noisiest, hottest traffic jams I have ever, ever endured.
Perhaps it's not surprising that the crowd would be subdued given recent results, but it is not just fond memory which recalls Murrayfield passion even when the national team was going through the grimiest of times.
Promotions this year included contests to find the grimiest youth soccer teams; publicity pictures of infant quadruplets with a tumble- action washer, and regional print, broadcast and in-store advertising.
Candlelight throws a romantic glow over the grimiest rooms in the house, takes 10 years off anyone's kisser, and, if scented, masks the most obnoxious odors.