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It was no secret that besides Iran, Chavez found himself allied with the grimiest of dictators in the Arab world from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad.
This baseball-sized gadget can sanitize the grimiest of pacifiers in just three minutes thanks to its built in germ-busting UV light.
Lifting the axe on the South Bank coke ovens -where up to 150 people are employed in one of the grimiest, toughest areas of the works, turning out 700,000t of coke a year -is a significant step for the steelmaker, backed as it is by a three-year business plan.
Even the saltiest, grimiest engineers will raise their hands and want to go help," he says.
A narrative writer for the Virginian-Pilot, Wagner set out to fmd the grimiest, smokiest bar in Norfolk and, like an anthropologist studying some remote species in a far-off land, to capture the last-holdout feel of the place:
That is not the case in Africa, the continent which as far as book production and consumption is concerned presents the grimiest picture (Biniakunu: 1980, Cited in Biniakunu 1991:105).
We accessed inspection reports for some of the grimiest eateries going and found problems like beetle infestations and out-of-date produce at restaurants and takeaways across Newcastle.
At the beginning of his "Outside Glimpses of English Poverty," Hawthorne tells us that he sometimes "went designedly astray among precincts that reminded me of some of Dickens's grimiest pages.
Some shelters have the dirtiest, grimiest gear stacked right next to--or on--delicate equipment.
Best though is Bring Me Down which has Brandy letting rip over some punishing beats which proves that West can tough it out with the grimiest of the underground.
So-called street literature is now enjoying major mainstream success with many of the major publishing houses doling out six-figure deals to the writers who can tell the grimiest tale.