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Compared to the griminess of his native industrial Pittsburgh, the landscapes on the wails of his father's house there, mostly by 17th-century Dutch artists and by the Barbizon school painters, gave the young Paul a glimpse of a far-off world, which, he later noted, exuded 'a warm and friendly glow'.
At dusk the train halted alongside a dingy white wall whose graffiti had been whitewashed into irregular shapes of a different griminess, and on the far side of that wall and its weeds, a beautiful young Hispanic woman stood holding her daughter's hand and gazing at the train.
There was profanity in this text; there was profanity described by this text; and so gruesome were these profanities that they seemed to bleed onto the griminess of the city.
The narrator's resolute refusal to concede the purity of his inventing consciousness to the griminess of the text is countered by the narrator/ character's demand that he must, and the fluctuating, unstable, consistently collapsing storyscape as I have described it is the result of these irreconcilable demands.