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Such were the stockyards during the strike; while the unions watched in sullen despair, and the country clamored like a greedy child for its food, and the packers went grimly on their way.
Very well, Mopo and thy sister Baleka," said Chaka, grimly.
Good hunting," said Kaa grimly, and glided away to the west wall.
If Rob had been grimly resolved to win the arrow before, the sight of her sweet face multiplied his determination an hundredfold.
The lion's head looked down with a grimly good-natured aspect as the children clustered around the old gentleman's knees.
The captain in his armchair, holding on grimly at the head of the table, with the soup-tureen rolling on one side of the cabin and the steward sprawling on the other, would observe, looking at me: "That's your one-third above the beams.
It was explained to them as being a friendly arrangement and transfer, but they shook their heads grimly, and considered it an act of subjugation of their ancient allies.
He heard his sentence grimly, silently, and thoughtfully.
And, besides, that sort of thing's not in my line," he added, rather grimly.
And there is a race there that plays it grimly with men and naked swords.
That he had no fear of or desire to avoid responsibility for his acts he grimly evidenced by marking with a dagger's point upon the foreheads of those who fell before his own sword the initials NT.
His surprise will be short-lived," replied the ape-man grimly, and there was that in his tone that made her look up into his face in alarm.