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There was a hint in it of laughter, but of a laughter more terrible than any sadness--a laughter that was mirthless as the smile of the sphinx, a laughter cold as the frost and partaking of the grimness of infallibility.
The play of the white gleams of his smile round the suspicion of grimness of his tone fascinated me like a moral incongruity.
With his dark face and with the perpetual smiles playing about his grimness, Mr.
"And why are you yourself so interested in them?" was her retort as she eyed me with dry grimness.
The young man's face had lost some of its grimness. Once more his features wore that look of pleasant and genial good-fellowship which seems characteristic of his race after business hours.
Cherchez la femme," Mr Vladimir deigned to interrupt, unbending, but without affability; there was, on the contrary, a touch of grimness in his condescension.
Thick coats of paint had been laid on the naked poll, and certain fanciful designs, in the same material, had even been extended into the neighbourhood of the eyes and mouth, lending to the keen expression of the former a look of twinkling cunning, and to the dogmatism of the latter, not a little of the grimness of necromancy.
People who did nothing, or who did not know exactly what they were going to do, or who did not take the most direct way to accomplish what they set their hands to, were objects of her entire contempt,--a contempt shown less frequently by anything she said, than by a kind of stony grimness, as if she scorned to say anything about the matter.
LINE OF THE DAY Craig Levein under pressure as the grimness of Hearts' results begins to outweigh the hilarity of his press conferences.
Quintessentially about the hesitant heroic journey of a person who survived tragedy and abuse, the series loses none of the grimness and mature handling of real-life grit that made its first two seasons stand out from Marvel's generally feel-good and typically clear-cut adventure shows.
Readers can expect a satisfying and uplifting ending despite the overall grimness of Russell's well-told teen drama.
The follow-up story, Families identify victims of FlySax plane crash, was a more dignified and somewhat poetic story, in which James Kahongeh writes of the anguish, disbelief and tears that prevailed at Lee Funeral Home as the bodies of the victims of the air crash were identified by friends and relatives.On a gloomy Friday morning in the city, and in a chilly weather that seemed to resonate with the grimness of the moment, family members identified the bodies of the 10 victims who were involved in the Tuesday evening air crash in the Aberdares, the story reads.