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With his dark face and with the perpetual smiles playing about his grimness, Mr.
The young man's face had lost some of its grimness.
Cherchez la femme," Mr Vladimir deigned to interrupt, unbending, but without affability; there was, on the contrary, a touch of grimness in his condescension.
Thick coats of paint had been laid on the naked poll, and certain fanciful designs, in the same material, had even been extended into the neighbourhood of the eyes and mouth, lending to the keen expression of the former a look of twinkling cunning, and to the dogmatism of the latter, not a little of the grimness of necromancy.
People who did nothing, or who did not know exactly what they were going to do, or who did not take the most direct way to accomplish what they set their hands to, were objects of her entire contempt,--a contempt shown less frequently by anything she said, than by a kind of stony grimness, as if she scorned to say anything about the matter.
In this moment of complete grimness he did not compromise his principles and refused to sign the document which could be his ticket to freedom.
A large reason for its grimness is this joyless cycle that seems to handicap the protagonist.
To break the grimness of these rituals, EveryWoman will hold a 'Gabi ng Lagim sa Panahon ni Duterte' (A Night of Horror during Duterte's Time), described as a 'protest party' and fund-raising activity 'that will raise a mirror to the faces of those who continue to wreck our country.
However, the unrelenting grimness of the opening scenes in a seedy Vietnamese brothel (gyrating ladies in skimpy bikinis, hard-edged excited bartering of flesh for hard American cash) did nothing to obscure the clear outlines of Sooha Kim's sharply-etched performance as Kim, the innocent virgin up from the country betrayed into prostitution by the exigencies of fate.
Police in Orkney were dealing with flooding at Evie, on the Airport Road near Kirkwall and at Grimness in South Ronaldsay.
On the pitch however, 2016 has been a year of unrelenting grimness.
Dying Is Not God For You 1 and 2 also feature cyronics institutes - the grimness of the facilities questioning the whole idea of the process.