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There was not a porthole on the grimy glass of which you might not have written with your finger "Dirty pig"; and she had already written it on several.
Another startling moment is when the man turns back the grimy wool from the sheeps' shoulders and they look suddenly like ladies in the stalls of a theatre.
But a few marches to the north Lady Greystoke looked forward to the day when her mighty lord and master should discover the crime of Achmet Zek, and be speeding to rescue and avenge, and even as she pictured the coming of John Clayton, the object of her thoughts squatted almost naked, beside a fallen log, beneath which he was searching with grimy fingers for a chance beetle or a luscious grub.
The very sight of him with one grimy thumb buried deep in the lukewarm stew, that seemed, from the frequency of its repetition, to constitute the pride of his culinary art, was sufficient to take away the girl's appetite.
Jimmie's companion, evidently overcome with merriment, pointed a grimy forefinger in Pete's direction.
DUNSTER, was standing a few yards away, smoking a long cigar, and, to all appearance absorbed in studying the advertisements which decorated the grimy wall on the other side of the single track.
It was one of those grimy brick houses which existed in large quantities before the era of reconstruction dawned upon London.
And there, at the door of a grimy, old building in the slums of London, the searchers came to a blank wall--baffled.
For one would have but to see what is passing within those great, black, grimy houses of the capital, and to penetrate within their walls, for one at once to realise what good reason there is for self-depredation and heart-searching.
No greasy and grimy hands overalls smelling of oil, now he potters about his garden replacing hours of sweat and toil.
The actress's glitzy outfit was a million miles from the grimy overalls she wore to win reality show Hell's Kitchen.
Michelle Tea skipped college and spent her 20s and 30s in grimy houses, drinking herself unconscious and getting herself fired from every entry-level job she took.