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It pleased me that we kept grinding away even though we hadn't started well.
The players kept their shape and kept grinding away and eventually got the breakthrough.
But Uzzell's birdie on 16 and his solid par on 17 won it for the English champion while Iain Powell was grinding away in the second match before finally winning his points against Helyard on the 16th.
Critics accuse government of grinding away at projects slowly and expensively, for example, Boston's notorious $14.
And once able to secure his place right next to the hedge on the near side of the track, Tungsten Strike kept grinding away to record a five-length victory over the staying-on Winged d'Argent.
It actually is easy to pick up the slightest amount of grit grinding away at a bearing race or a pump experiencing subtle cavitations.
I have been grinding away in the reserves waiting until he gets an injury or a suspension, which hardly ever happens.
Then, the next round is opened and the process repeated, often with just two vendors grinding away, until one of them gives up.
Now, he and his colleagues have constructed a virtual model of an unusually well-preserved, 5-millimeter-long specimen by grinding away hair-thin layers of rock, photographing the exposed surfaces, and digitally reassembling the slices.
The rumour mill was grinding away overtime yesterday, with some suggestions even circulating that the Warriors players had not received their wages.
The Tories' best chance, perhaps their only chance as Mr Duncan Smith notes, is to keep grinding away by developing popular policies to improve public services.