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But what they do have in common is grindingly slow progress when it comes to promoting women.
For the performances of the City's of Hull and Stoke last term in England, you can quote the rise of Almeria or Getafe in Spain or Chievo Verona in Italy over past seasons - but their roles are little more than novelty sideshows to the same grindingly predictable outcomes.
The bulk of the work in the main exhibition venue at Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabana was grindingly mediocre, with very little of the social, interdisciplinary, and research-based art that has come to be a hallmark of Western biennials.
Thirty groups were under investigation, according to Bengali-language paper Samakal, which said there were more than 78,000 non-governmental organizations operating in the grindingly poor nation of 144 million people.
Sheikh Hasina meanwhile said she would end hunger and poverty in the grindingly poor country of 144 million people, promising to learn not only from mistakes made by her rivals but from her own errors.
Harrison famously penned the song 'Bangla Desh' and held a benefit concert in New York's Madison Square Garden on August 1, 1971, to raise money for the grindingly poor, war-torn nation.
A good photograph illustrates the point far better than a grindingly slow build-up of bullet-pointed text.
It's also grindingly long at 148 minutes--the DVD ought to include a "Couples' Cut" with an hour edited out and a few dozen more jokes tossed in.
When conversation turns inevitably to the federal, state, and parish government's grindingly slow recovery efforts, bitterness pervades.
Gyllenhaal has reportedly complained about Fincher's grindingly repetitious shooting style, too, though he didn't sound upset about it when he explained to this reporter "(David) does a lot of takes and obsesses about certain things.
Less frequently cited, though perhaps no less important, is the unwavering pursuit of a task that can at times seem grindingly tedious: keeping track of one's daily efforts using an activity management system.
Military campaigns went initially and swiftly in Japan's favor and then turned, more slowly and grindingly, the other way.