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But progress has been grindingly slow and council leader Mike Storey has publicly stated his personal opinion that Quiggins is not the right occupier for such a prominent position on Church Street.
Pedals were grindingly assertive, and higher registers floated in sun-shot clouds.
Dennis' appearance in an episode of Ricky Gervais' hit sitcom Extras, playing "a twisted demented version" of himself, was grindingly close to the bone - but it resurrected his career.
At times, the first half was grindingly mediocre, but James Coughlan eventually provided the spark to ignite the game .
Bright kids should be encouraged and supported to reach for the stars and every child should be given oneon-one help to find the educational route which will land them the best job they could hope for in a grindingly competitive world.
After a good few years under the teeth- grindingly bad name of Manhattan's, it was finally taken over in 1999 by the people who own Subway on Edinburgh's Cowgate - hence the naming of this place Subway Leven.
But compared to this grindingly experiential film, the current ``Good Thief,'' which thinks it has something to say about the trafficking of Eastern European women in the international sex trade, is an utter fraud or a complete fairy tale.
You can gain confidence, be creative, and discover resources in yourself that a grindingly tedious job might stifle.
Having wrestled for a year with a computer system which constantly breaks down and is grindingly slow I regard computers as the enemy.
Adoption was their last hope of becoming parents, but the process in this country is so grindingly slow and uncertain they gave up in despair.