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Some smaller designs use tiny grindstones, but they're slow, and the grindstones don't last long enough to be practical.
The sandstone grindstones of Tyneside were in great demand, with 23 quarries alone in the Heworth area of Gateshead and more in Windy Nook, Springwell, Eighton Banks, Kenton, Burradon and Wideopen.
Many years ago a very good friend of mine lost an eye when a grindstone he was using at his place of work shattered and a piece of the stone went under his safety glasses into his eye.
The tjiwa is a grindstone on an unmodified natural rock slab, with grinding on at least one face to form a broad flat or slightly concave surface up to 5 millimetres (mm) deep (Gould 1977:87, type 7) (Figures 1 and 2).
But after Schrader submitted his first cut, the film's producers, financiers and distributor Grindstone Entertainment (a subsidiary of Lionsgate) asked for extensive changes.
Cogs turning, grindstone making flour, on a tide without fish, with swarms of busy bees.
Although a bit of banter is encouraged in some, most places are nose to the grindstone with supervisors parading around constantly urging you to reach unrealistic targets and the fear of the sack hanging over those that are not hitting them.
The first single, called 'Ya Miskeen' (Poor You) will be out soon as the actress keeps her nose to the recording studio grindstone to complete the rest of the tunes.
If we follow tradition and keep our noses to the grindstone some say we will always come out ahead.
Anton was said to be less than pleased that Laila left at such a serious stage of the competition, so it was back to the grindstone as soon as she stepped off the plane.