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Gripe attempts to give all of its users a powerful persona by displaying the user's "word of mouth" power.
I should have stayed on top of the gripes inspected throughout the day.
For instance, Levy represented Michael Kremer, the operator of two gripe sites critical of the Bosley Medical Institute, a hair-replacement clinic headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.
Con el sacificio de millones de aves el ano pasado en un esfuerzo de erradicar la gripe, la produccion mundial de pollo, segun estimaciones de la Organizacion de las Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimentacion (FAO), ha subido solo un 1,6%, y se produjo una bajada sin precedentes del 3,4% en el comercio mundial de pollos, resultando en 7,9 millones de toneladas.
Reasons for gripes range from personality clashes to poor working conditions.
To further facilitate sharing and utilization of the GRIPE instructional resources, we have developed the GRIPE Digital Library Web site.
The second greatest gripe in both the UK and US concerned temperature they find comfortable.
Over those years, I have listened to my superiors gripe and complain about our customers moving their cast iron purchases to offshore sources due to lower prices.
Except for tradition factors, the big gripe seems to be the scraping sound they make on the draw.
I just finished reading Mark and Hal's June column ("The Editors Gripe .
Listening to my partners gripe and try to recreate the past when there is tremendous opportunity staring them in the face