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The minimal dimension and weight of griper are requests for their construction.
The web is littered with gripers who have invested huge amounts of emotion in every action they've taken on their search, and they've labeled every resulting reaction from employers.
Caveats: A company's ability to make amends with a negative reviewer -- while good from a customer's perspective -- undercuts the integrity and accuracy of the ratings, because placated gripers can change their review at any time.
categories: "noisy drunks"; (140) "habitual gripers and
One shudders to imagine having to while away an afternoon with this old grouch in his dilapidated house (which he rarely leaves), as his son and his son's family are obligated to do, but it's fun to be complicit in a private rant against the public ranting that we sometimes find ourselves subjected to, and Harold companionably qualifies the above quotation with, "By people like me, of course, I mean the ones generally regarded as inveterate gripers.
Now if it was Chelsea it would be good to silence some of the gripers.
When the handle was lifted, the two post gripers wedged together onto the '+' and '-' post of the battery, allowing it to be carried.
Gripers take note: Apple has updated and improved the MobileMe experience for iPhone and iPod touch users.
Gripes that may have been understandable grounds for sacking Scolari if two of the gripers (Ballack and Cech) were half as good as they used to be, and the other was half as good as he thinks he is.