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The truth is no one has the sole right to gripe, especially nowadays.
The unknown authors of Gripes tackle these perceptions head-on along with the green American troops' befuddlement at French domestic politics and French driving habits, manners, and business practices.
Gripe, which was started last year, removes the friction.
The team will repeat the process every three months for each community, so keep an eye out for us and give us your gripes.
Por el momento, la tasa de mortalidad no parece superior a la de una gripe comun, aunque la mayoria de los fallecidos sean jovenes adultos.
Editor's note: You are right, there are many letters from ordinary people with gripes about many subjects, and we use them where possible.
I finished all my gripes in no time, made a final scan through the workload, and finished as a backup warning popped up.
They have gripes about merchandising with the annual tussle over design, quality and prompt supply of shirts and bland products in the shops.
Suffering from occasional sib envy, you may have told your BFF to get a grip on her family gripes a time or two.
If your company receives no gripes from customers or clients, don't celebrate.
Reasons for gripes range from personality clashes to poor working conditions.
Nos Amis les Francais' (Our Friends the French) was originally entitled '112 Gripes About the French' and was first published at the end of the Second World War in an effort to give American soldiers a greater understanding of the country and its people.