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To analyze the effect of a thermal treatment process on the generation force of the actuator, the four-fingered gripper using the proposed method is designed, fabricated, and compared with an unheated actuator.
The company states that electric is cleaner than either pneumatic or hydraulic grippers, therefore, the new range of grippers are very effective for handling products such as circuit boards or other dust sensitive products.
From the results it is obvious that the suction grippers are localized very close to the diagonals of the square because the longitudinal and transverse distance of the suction gripper is approximately the same.
Because the gripper conforms to any shape evenly before the vacuum locks its hold, the device is extremely versatile.
Grabit's electroadhesion technology eliminates the need for part-specific grippers and minimizes gripper changeover, dramatically reducing costs and downtime.
The Concave Cutting Board, meanwhile, turns the traditional carving board inside out, with a design that features a concave center to hold juices in place and Gripper technology to hold the board still.
This new servo-electric gripper can be installed on any industrial robot to provide unparalleled versatility:
Of great importance is the fact that in the filler area the pouch is held in place by one pouch gripper on either side of it.
com)-- An innovative new product targeted at those who work stripping floors, the Stripper Gripper, has been developed by Anthony Lepree of LaPorte, Texas.
The front waist region and the rear waist region are joined together along the joints by means of joining members and each of the joining members is provided with a gripper formed integrally with this joining member and rupture guides extending from the gripper toward the waist-hole and the associated one of the leg-holes.
A special gripper system allows arrows to be individually tightened and the 18" between the hood and grippers in combination with a bumper strip on the crossbar drastically minimizes arrow vibration and noise.
The Techno GGL3060 gripper has a compact form with a matching corrosion-resistant, stainless steel design.