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It was the start of a tumultuous new chapter for him, involving some of Pakistan's grisliest tragedies.
Last night on Mad Men we met Ginsberg's severed nipple, staring bloodily from the cotton-lined jewelry box in which he lovingly presented it to the justifiably aghast Peggy in the grisliest display of ill-advised affection since Van Gogh and his earlobe.
Sa'di, then an 18-year-old fighting in the Middle East's grisliest modern war--the 8-year conflict between Iran and Iraq--survived the Iraqi attack on the strategic Fao Peninsula in 1985.
You can experience a scary boat ride down the Thames to Anne Boleyn's execution, the grisliest bits of the Great Plague, Sweeney Todd's barber's shop, an alehouse at the time of Jack The Ripper and the Gunpowder Plot, and end your visit with a simulated hanging.
In 1765, three Coventry ne'er-do-wells met the grisliest of ends there after being found guilty of murder.
Gore galore in a 3D finale that plays like Saw's grisliest bits and pieces.
He investigates the grisliest of crimes--but only very cold ones.
London, May 19 ( ANI ): Art historians have shed light on an intriguing new detail noticed in one of Titian's grisliest paintings ever - The Martyrdom of St Lawrence.
White argues that the biggest and grisliest body counts do not always take place in wartime.
And in the grisliest footage, dogs are apparently burnt alive in a mobile crematorium crewed by three men.
Surely it speaks volumes about Taymor that when she could have been churning out Son of Lion King or Pokemon: The Musical, she chose to adapt for the screen her 1994 stage production of one of the grisliest plays ever written.