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In 1765, three Coventry ne'er-do-wells met the grisliest of ends there after being found guilty of murder.
Gore galore in a 3D finale that plays like Saw's grisliest bits and pieces.
He investigates the grisliest of crimes--but only very cold ones.
London, May 19 ( ANI ): Art historians have shed light on an intriguing new detail noticed in one of Titian's grisliest paintings ever - The Martyrdom of St Lawrence.
White argues that the biggest and grisliest body counts do not always take place in wartime.
And in the grisliest footage, dogs are apparently burnt alive in a mobile crematorium crewed by three men.
26) So too does Vergil himself emphasize the horrors of war when he (p)recaps the last six books of his poem for Lavinia, stringing together all the grisliest bits in one long litany of gore; by contrast, Lavinia's own narration of the battle scenes comes across as almost appallingly expository, for she describes them only because she has to, because they are fated, because they happen.
Vladislaus Dracula, the man on which one of the grisliest mythical characters ever invented is based, had none of the characteristics most often attributed to him.
HORDES of wannabe detectives have jumped at the chance to help investigate some of West Yorkshire's grisliest crimes.
These pro-rock purveyors deliver the grisliest show on earth on "Elephants.
The quirky filmmaker is behind some of the grisliest cinematic scenes of the last 20 years, including the famous ear-slicing shot in Reservoir Dogs and the huge body count in Kill Bill.