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Perhaps the grisliness of Carnehan's end reinforces to the narrator the human connection which Peachy had assumed (based upon their both being Masons) existed between them.
King's career in medical pathology provides background for truly ghoulish crimes yet the grisliness that weaker-stomached readers may fearfully anticipate is generally pretty restrained.
But Strauss almost certainly knew what he was doing: this is the music that Herod likes, and it serves as a kitschy foil for the grisliness to come.
In the wartime trilogy Celine does more than thwart chronology; he also plunges his readers into a world of delirium that could be either fictional or factual--considering the historical scenes that he describes in all their horror and grisliness.
Despite the Classical subject and the heroic couplets, the young Beddoes' macabre fascinations shine through--had the subject of the 1821 prize indeed been the Laocoon, it is hard to imagine it being awarded to a work of such untrammelled grisliness.
Although Peter is hardened to the grisliness of dissecting corpses, he does find some aspects of his work difficult to cope with.
BENETTON may be the masters of the shocking advertising campaign, but they haven't dreamed up a billboard yet to match the grisliness of their fall in 1998, writes Steve Davies.
Hie reviewed and then eliminated images of decapitation, evisceration and similar grisliness deemed unsuitable for screening on the Home Front.