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Tarzan stooped and lifted a leathern pouch from the grisly relics of a man.
She had regained her riding habit and calash from the grisly phantom, and was, in all respects, the lovely woman who had been sitting by my side at the instant of our overturn.
Still the black hesitated, fearful of the consequences of approaching the terrible creatures that were dining upon the bodies of his warriors; but Tarzan forced him to accompany him, and presently the two emerged from the jungle in full view of the grisly spectacle upon the beach.
In a moment the savage Borneo head hunters had added five grisly trophies to their record.
Grisly goings on aside, the island is beautifully depicted.
The statistics within the 6-0 6-1 6-0 pummelling make for grisly reading.
More misery for our French/British detective duo, after the grisly first series had us all hooked.
This grisly and bizarre murder mystery is the perfect YA stepping stone to Stephen King.
As the case unfolds, he begins to suspect the doctors are hiding something - and that a grisly fate awaits all the patients on a sinister ward.
10PM Mulder and Scully help the regular FBI on a grisly kidnap case.
The grisly story uses dark humour to follow the housewives, who systematically poisoned their husbands, parents, children and anyone who got in their way.
A grisly poster of the Scot who founded the American navy is going under the hammer.