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Our contractors vehicles tend only to be used for gritting, so we take a pragmatic approach and if they expect to go back out on a grit run they will retain their load.
I've eaten my share of grits at Denny's, Huddle Houses, and Waffle Houses all over Mississippi, the generous yellowy-white globs held firmly in place by small lakes of melted butter.
One remedy for fuzzy wood is to coat the wood with a liquid "gluesize," which dries and locks the wood fibers in place, and then lightly re-sand to 220 grit.
Assuming the GRIT is in fact set up as a grantor trust, Rev.
Hunter gets the store involved in the festival by building a mammoth display of grits near the front end.
There are questions about the grit, we're going to do some testing to see if there is a way we can improve it.
To serve: Serve steak with vegetables and grit fries.
I sold the GRIT in the late 1920s, and I remember carrying the GRIT bag with about 30 copies from the post office at Pyatt, Ark.
Unfortunately, GRITs have major drawbacks, especially in the context of holding S stock.
Spouses should split assets and establish separate GRITs.
OTCBB:NXTI) an emerging leader in the sportswear and promotional products industry today announced that they have procured an apparel license for Grits Inc.