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Quick grits are made with smooth rollers that produce smaller granules requiring less cooking time.
Spuller says paper widebelts give a nice finish to wood because paper is flatter and offers a more stable medium to put grits on.
Outlaw GRITs have all the advantages of statutory GRITs but don't avoid federal transfer tax.
Indie Grits is moving toward the cutting edge of contemporary visual culture, whether that's through filmmaking, art or design.
In the really bad weather, we spent six days ploughing secondary routes and estate roads and we have already used 11,000 tonnes of grit this year up till the end of December.
While rolling in grits may sound like all fun and games, there is significant strategy involved - from what kind of clothing to wear to how to move in the pool in order to collect the most grits.
At the millhouse, a hand-built structure outfitted with century-old milling equipment, two hydro-powered stone-burr gristmills slowly grind the shelled corn into Barkley's Mill signature Stoned Happy Grits.
Why has the amount of grit used been reduced from 40 to 25 gms?
Shrimp and grits can easily become a standard main dish at your dinner table, taking simple ingredients to new heights.
In the Low Country of South Carolina, shrimp and grits has long been a basic breakfast among the local fishing families.
ProFull [TM] full fat soy grits are golden yellow grains with a mild, nutty taste and distinctive bite, and can be used in a wide variety of bakery products, from breads and cookies to cereal products.
Knowsley currently grits 44% of the borough's highway network.