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The gritstone outcrops now form a horseshoe shape around the northern fringe of the Peak District National Park, and their sharp edges (scarps) can be seen around Curbar and Calver in the east, Edale in the north, and the Roaches and Ramshaw Rocks in the west.
By 1844 the 6th Duke had placed two sets of columns against the central bays to the east and west, a rich and colourful feature that was enhanced by the incorporation of nine Ashford mosaic panels into the front faces of their gritstone bases.
43) However, they recognized that their gritstone rocks needed technical climbing equipment.
Neither is contained by death any more than the bishop can imagine his physical body will be contained by a gritstone tomb.
After many vicissitudes, an old gritstone millin the north of England has been domesticated by Peter Blundell Jones, prophet of Organic architecture.
In 1932 members of a group called the Workers' Sports Federation led a mass trespass over the sides of a wild, gritstone plateau called Kinder Scout.
Is the tump by Honddu his tilted pillow does the gritstone outcrop incommode him?
The lowlying gritstone moorland runs southwards through Haworth to Hathersage.
US-based personalised cancer immunotherapy company Gritstone Oncology has opened a new 43,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Pleasanton, California, the company said.
Currently, Dr Allen is a co-founder, president, chief executive officer and a member of its board of directors of of Gritstone Oncology; as well as a member of the board of directors of the epigenetic cancer therapy company, Epizyme (NASDAQ: EPZM) and Cell Design Labs, a privately held CAR-T company.
The geologic substratum is made up of loess and loess deposits that cover the Mesozoic and Tertiary lime stone and calcareous gritstone found on the southern Dorogea plateau.
Welsh cast ewes to PS48; Gritstone cast ewes to PS67; Xbred cast ewes to PS67; Welsh rams to PS65; Xbred rams to PS85; Char rams to PS84; Sufframs to PS98; Xbred hoggets to PS67; Welsh hoggets to PS50; Xbred singles to PS128; Xbred doubles to PS140; Tex x doubles to PS142; Welsh ewes + sgle Xbred to PS76; Org Welsh ewes + sgle Xbred to PS67.