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Jessica Rees We pay the high band council tax in our street, it's never gritted.
Clare Nichol commented: "So yet again North Tyneside council have not gritted roads here.
All precautionary gritting routes were gritted before the heavy snowfall, and teams have continued to grit roads as the situation has developed, with other local services teams also diverted on to gritting and road treatment.
So there you go, Sefton council must have gritted the roads, mustn''t they?
Coun Green said: "The main roads had not been gritted in preparation for this widely predicted fall of snow, the grit bins in the outer areas had little or no grit available.
I would urge people to take extra care, particularly the elderly, in areas that may usually be gritted but have not been, due to the actions of these thoughtless individuals.
If they have got private contracts, normally I haven't got a problem with that, but as a council taxpayer my roads haven't been gritted.
With 25 per cent cuts, residential and access roads are less likely to be gritted and local communities will have to take their own action to try to clear roads and pavements.
As a community council, we are in the process of identifying these people as we hoped to make sure the areas outside their houses are clear and gritted throughout winter.
We are proposing some immediate changes to the pilot policy to restore secondary roads on the network to the list of roads to be gritted.
Some high routes have already been gritted over the last month.
The authority warned further bad weather spells could see the borough's gritted network coverage reduced to A and B roads onlyd.