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In Coventry, 240 miles of roads are gritted, including main roads, bus routes and areas around shopping centres.
He added: "I have had people telling me they were driving into Nuneaton on roads beautifully gritted by the county council and when they hit the centre of town, it turned to ice.
I am disgusted the roads and pavements have not been gritted.
Some roads that had previously been included will not be gritted as a priority, but the council insists its 27 grit lorries will work on busy routes, hospital routes and bus routes to try to keep the transport network flowing.
PRIORITIES: There is controversy about how our roads are gritted
STEVEB A similar study was in fact carried out in Nottingham by a member of the NHS and as a result Council policy has now been changed to ensure that pavements are adequately gritted when such events are forecast.
The way the roads are gritted in the UK has not changed much in the last 20 years.
Of course the 'council spokesman' claims that the roads had been gritted, so there the explanation must be that they are misinformed or the roads were not gritted properly.
Kirklees now has 25,000 tonnes of grit/salt in stock and 60% of the network is regularly gritted so that public transport, food and fuel deliveries and emergency services can move around during the bad weather.
IT took quite a serious accident on Tuesday last week for the road between Slaithwaite and Pole Moor to be gritted.
MORE roads are to be gritted by Kirklees Council - despite rationing of salt supplies.
What about the three bins that were taken from Thick Hollins estate which is built on a hillside with marked gradients on five of its roads on the understanding that Thick Hollins Drive, a bus route, would be kept ploughed and gritted in winter.