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He was speaking after criticism of the council's gritting operation in December when scores of people suffered broken bones and bruising after slipping on untreated roads and pavements.
Between December and January, our gritting vehicles have covered 39,000 miles - 62,764 km - across Renfrewshire.
Councils across the region have clarified their gritting strategy.
Councils across the region defended their gritting strategies - and blamed weather forecasters.
Following last year's very severe winter we have made some amendments to the gritting routes we carry out.
SPT requires the provision of an uninterrupted gritting service to a number of SPT sites across the Strathclyde area during mainly the winter season, with the successful tenderer using a professional weather forecasting service and providing full customer administration.
But I think its wrong to complain that our gritting team isn't doing its job unless colleagues have evidence that is the case in their area.
The Telegraph was contacted by residents surprised to see council lorries gritting the EU Matics factory car park in Herald Avenue, Tile Hill, last week.
The stark warning came as the council admitted it had already begun rationing salt usage on its regular gritting network after the Government asked all councils to cut usage by 25 per cent.
GIVEN the snowy start we've had to April, it may come as some comfort to motorists that gritting lorries will now be controlled .
In Lower Hopton there are nine grit bins and Hopton Lane is on a gritting route.
People in Barrhead and Neilston are being urged to find our about gritting self-help measures during the current icy spell.