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This was all Rosa knew of her destination; but it was enough to send her rattling away again in a cab, through deserts of gritty streets, where many people crowded at the corner of courts and byways to get some air, and where many other people walked with a miserably monotonous noise of shuffling of feet on hot paving-stones, and where all the people and all their surroundings were so gritty and so shabby!
You've got enough o' gells, Gritty," he added, in a tone half compassionate, half reproachful.
Ay, ay, Gritty," said the miller, with a new softness in his tone; "but I've allays done what I could for you," he added, as if vindicating himself from a reproach.
It was labour, whose practical difference from the other forms of labour consisted in the nature of its risk, which did not lie in ankylosis, or lead poisoning, or fire-damp, or gritty dust, but in what may be briefly defined in its own special phraseology as "Seven years hard.
Such a black shrill city, combining the qualities of a smoky house and a scolding wife; such a gritty city; such a hopeless city, with no rent in the leaden canopy of its sky; such a beleaguered city, invested by the great Marsh Forces of Essex and Kent.
Watersmeet in gritty win LAST year's Coronation Cup runner-up Frontiersman could manage only third on his all-weather debut at Wolverhampton last night as Watersmeet booked his ticket for the Betway All-Weather Marathon Championship final with a gritty neck win in the 2m fast-track qualifier.
MOVE over Boaty McBoatface and spread the word - Gritty McGritface could be about to have its day.
Weaving Greek mythology with a modern-day setting, is a gritty, multi-layered epic about gang wars, business tycoons, Olympian murders, Machiavellian machinations, and an odyssey of adventure.
DAVID Morrissey, as the advertising world has recognised, is a natural voice-over artist - but he's even better when he gets stuck into a meaty acting role in a gritty drama.
Michael Glawogger Austrian filmmaker known for gritty docus
Top-dress lawns with a layer >of gritty loam-based compost.
TOP-DRESS lawns with a layer of gritty loam-based compost.