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Sure enough, there was a grizzly up there, foraging for new green where most of the snow was gone.
Sommer and his hunting partner were looking for an elk they had been calling Monday morning when they came across the grizzly bear, reports said, citing Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Chief Information Officer Greg Lemon.
Fish and Wildlife Service to remove the Yellowstone-area grizzly population from the list of species protected by the Endangered Species Act, which enables the states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming to move ahead with plans for trophy hunting of grizzlies.
During that brilliantly clear July week, the small team tromped through slide alder thickets and subalpine meadows to Boulder Pass, then descended 4,000 vertical feet into the Napeequa Valley, a remote bowl marked by steep avalanche paths--perfect grizzly terrain.
The effects of open-pit mining on ungulate species like caribou have been heavily studied, but its impacts on large omnivore mammals like the grizzly bear are still largely unknown.
But when cubs are born, it's spring, so the mother grizzly has a wide choice of food to pick from.
A GRIZZLY bear killed a hiker in Yellowstone National Park after he disturbed the animal and her cubs.
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyoming, Sha'ban 6, 1432, Jul 7, 2011, SPA -- A killer grizzly is roaming Yellowstone National Park's backcountry after mauling a man who apparently surprised the female bear and its cubs while hiking with his wife, according to AP.
A job that GCC Rio Grande's plant in Tijeras performs annually is to rebuild the grizzly at the discharge end of the clinker coolers.
Lamprey and Grizzly Adams have been embodied in wood and gifted to Charlton Middle School.
Grizzly is pleased to announce that the TSX Venture Exchange has conditionally approved an extension to the expiry date of outstanding common share purchase warrants of the Corporation to acquire an aggregate of 565,555 common shares of Grizzly issued on June 30, 2009, for one additional year to June 30, 2011.