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1 shows a schematic diagram of micro-grooved gas parallel slider bearings; the lower slider is grooved and fixed, the upper slider is smooth and moves along the x direction, the speed of the upper slider is U, the minimum film thickness between the two sliders is c and each groove has a depth of [h.
Discussion of the feelings or the feel of a musical groove could lead to claims about its ineffability, however.
OBSERVATION: Vertical groove on the anterior surface of the lateral condyle was present in all seventy tibiae.
The groove made its first identity in dental anatomy text in 1917 and was later described by Zeisz Nuckolin (1949).
Key words: Palato gingival groove (PGG), Maxillary lateral incisors
The main benefit of the G75 routine is the ability to "peck" the groove and break a chip.
You know, we don't make music with the idea of filling a dance floor necessarily, but certainly a dance groove is underlying everything that I do.
Refer also to the remark made earlier about possible groove closure.
Each Groove Rapid Solutions template is comprised of a set of Groove tools for managing a specific business process or function, the core of which is a pre built forms application.
Three styles of grooved pins include GP200 full-length groove, GP210 half-length centered groove, and GP220 half-length offset groove.
The Defense Information Systems Agency Joint Interoperability Test Command report, issued on June 18, states that Groove Workspace v2.