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Dubai: A salesperson has been accused of getting drunk and groping a secretary on a metro train, a court heard on Tuesday.
The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the 26-year-old defendant of groping the woman.
In recent weeks, Bush has faced several allegations of groping women during photos but all of the previous incidents allegedly took place long after he had left the White House.
His comments come just under one month after he was caught up in his own brief scandal concerning sexual misconduct, after he was accused of groping women's chests and buttocks on two separate occasions.
Refuting Swift's groping claims, Mueller sued the singer, her mother and their radio handler.
Harris is also accused of indecently touching a girl of 14 in 1971 after she asked for his autograph at a kids' music event, and twice groping a teenager in 1978.
A Pakistani man is under trial after he was accused of groping a Filipina at a supermarket in Dubai.
The 27-year-old Indian man is accused of groping the Filipina in a centre in Al Muraqqabat while he was allegedly drunk.
A MAN of 25, who regarded himself as the town drunk, ended up groping two 13-year-old schoolgirls in the street.
They also found that his behaviour was sexually motivated in relation to the charges of groping.
On one occasion while groping her that day, Harris even discussed her legs with the programme's male director, who was standing next to them, she told the jury.
Quizzed by prosecutor Miranda Moore, QC, about allegedly groping an ex-Radio 4 announcer's breasts live on air, Travis, 68, denied the woman's claim that she viewed it as a prank.