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I merely mean," said Will, in an offhand way, "that the Germans have taken the lead in historical inquiries, and they laugh at results which are got by groping about in woods with a pocket-compass while they have made good roads.
Again he commenced his groping advance; but this time he had gone but a short distance when he emerged into a room, which was lighted through an opening in the ceiling, from which a flight of concrete steps led downward to the floor of the chamber.
My groping hands told me that although disarranged it was unoccupied.
Creeping from the house, and slinking off like a thief; groping with his hands, when first he got into the street, as if he were a blind man; and looking often over his shoulder while he hurried away, as though he were followed in imagination or reality by someone anxious to question or detain him; Ralph Nickleby left the city behind him, and took the road to his own home.
And romantic it certainly was--the fog, like the grey shadow of infinite mystery, brooding over the whirling speck of earth; and men, mere motes of light and sparkle, cursed with an insane relish for work, riding their steeds of wood and steel through the heart of the mystery, groping their way blindly through the Unseen, and clamouring and clanging in confident speech the while their hearts are heavy with incertitude and fear.
I too had been groping and floundering, the while I thought I rode clear-eyed through the mystery.
and groping in the dark mean one and the same thing .
He tells me that taking medicine and groping in the dark mean one and the same thing.
It was after an interval of long groping amongst vague impulses and hesitations which ended in the production of "The Nigger" that I turned to my third short story in the order of time, the first in this volume: "Karain: A Memory.
The barmaid, 21, told the court that customers regularly made saucy comments about her, but said Morgan went too far by groping her six times.
Higashiyama subway line, operated by the city government of Nagoya, began operating morning rush hour female-only compartments Monday to curb incidents of groping, becoming the nation's first subway line to do so, according to the city's transportation bureau.
The Tokyo High Court, overturning a lower court ruling, found a 48-year-old man not guilty of groping a woman on a Keio Line train in Tokyo in September last year.