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Great; culpable; general; absolute. A thing in gross exists in its own right, and not as an appendage to another thing. Before or without diminution or deduction. Whole; entire; total; as in the gross sum, amount, weight—as opposed to net. Not adjusted or reduced by deductions or subtractions.

Out of all measure; beyond allowance; flagrant; shameful; as a gross dereliction of duty, a gross injustice, gross carelessness or Negligence. Such conduct as is not to be excused.


(Flagrant), adjective absolute, aggravated, big, colossal, considerable, deplorable, dire, dreadful, easily seen, egregious, enormous, evident, extreme, fulsome, gigantic, glaring, grave, great, grievous, heinous, horrible, huge, immense, indelicate, lamentable, large, manifest, massive, monstrous, obvious, odious, outrageous, reprehensible, shameful, shocking, unmitigated, utter
Associated concepts: gross fraud, gross inadequacy, gross missonduct, gross neglect, gross negligence, gross unfairness


(Total), adjective aggregate, all-inclusive, comprehensive, entire, exhaustive, full, inclusive, incredibilis, intact, inviolate, lacking nothing, magnus, nimius, plenary, unabridged, unbroken, uncut, undeducted from, undeleted, undiminished, undivided, unexpurgated, unreduced, unshorn, unshortened, whole, without deductions
Associated concepts: easement in gross, gross earnings, gross estate, gross income, gross profit, gross receipts, gross sales, gross value
See also: aggregate, blatant, brutal, depraved, entirety, excessive, exorbitant, extreme, flagrant, heinous, improper, inelegant, iniquitous, lurid, manifest, nefarious, objectionable, obnoxious, obtrusive, outrageous, repulsive, salacious, scurrilous, stark, total, totality, uncouth, unseemly, whole

GROSS. Absolute; entire, not depending on another. Vide Common.

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Unlike the old program, however, gross polluters cannot obtain repeated waivers.
31) Gross receipts related to embedded services or non-qualifying property that meet one of these five of the exceptions can qualify as DPGR.
104(a)(3) generally states that gross income excludes amounts received through accident or health insurance (or through an arrangement having the effect of such insurance) for personal injuries or sickness other than amounts received by an employee to the extent they are:
When one realizes that such figures speak for the sciences in humanities and social science departments throughout American universities, it is easy to appreciate Gross and Levitt's characterization of the situation as "increasingly dangerous.
It was improving our gross sales dramatically but really damaging our profit margin.
Ariel Javelosa topped the guest category with a net 72 from a gross 90, edging Edmund Lee, who had a gross 82 and a net 72.
For example, Bad Boys was only expected to gross about $5 million overseas but the film generated $75 million in international box-office receipts.
Only the net amount of damages received from qualified settlement funds is included in gross income.
First-dollar-gross represents the gross box-office revenues before the deduction of any expenses.