gross amount

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It was not badly named in one respect, being in truth a particularly little Bethel--a Bethel of the smallest dimensions-- with a small number of small pews, and a small pulpit, in which a small gentleman (by trade a Shoemaker, and by calling a Divine) was delivering in a by no means small voice, a by no means small sermon, judging of its dimensions by the condition of his audience, which, if their gross amount were but small, comprised a still smaller number of hearers, as the majority were slumbering.
A mere verbal statement of the gross amount is all I shall--ha--all I shall require.
ii Total gross amount of other income paid or credited to the account.
The cost of providing the pension to public sector workers is therefore not the gross amount but the net amount after the tax has been recouped.
Spanish telecoms company Telefonica SA today announced plans to pay an interim dividend of a fixed gross amount of EUR0.
The amount reported on that form is the gross amount paid to the attorney or law firm.
Called Breaking Bread With +Andrew: Dinner and Conversation With The Primate, the October event has a maximum of 50 tables for sale at $2,500 each and as of the beginning of September, 33 had been sold for a gross amount of $82,500 before expenses.
The gross amount of the substances can be gauged by the strength of the color.
TEI recommends that the gross amount of the dividend be offset against the receivable.
1 RCT / O liability towards third annual gross amount of 45 000 EUR; LOT NO.
The advertising agency pays the CAT on the gross amount billed to its customer.